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Protection Of Grinding Wheel Jul 31, 2017

Protective Shield is the main protective device of the grinding wheel machine, its function is: when the grinding wheel in the work of some damage, can effectively cover the wheel debris, to ensure the safety of personnel. The shape of the wheel protective cover is round and square, its maximum opening angle does not allow more than 90 °; the material for the shield is not less than the tensile strength of the 415n/mm2 steel. To replace the new grinding wheel, the protective cover should be securely installed and the shield shall not be disassembled or discarded at will.

Block Qiao panel is one of the main protective accessories of the grinder, the protective cover in the spindle level above the opening is greater than or equal to 30 (must be set up this device.) Its main function is to cover the grinding process of flying, so as not to hurt the operator. It is installed in the shield open end, width should be greater than the width of the wheel cover, and should be firmly fixed on the shield. In addition, the gap between the circular surface of the grinding wheel and the baffle should be less than 6mm.

Bracket problem bracket is one of the common accessories of the grinding wheel machine, and the wheel machine with the diameter of the grinding wheel above 150mm must be provided with adjustable bracket. The distance between the grinding wheel and the bracket shall be less than 1/2 of the minimum shape of the grinding workpiece, but the maximum should not exceed 3mm.

Grounding problem The grinder uses power cords, so the casing of the equipment must have a good grounding protection. This is also one of the most important factors that cause accidents.