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Other Attention Problems Of Grinding Wheel Jul 31, 2017

Environmental issues:

Grinding wheel machine generally should be set up special wheel room, and is strictly prohibited in the grinding wheel room or near the grinding wheel machine to pile inflammable and explosive items, in order to avoid fire or explosion accidents, nor should the grinding wheel machine in the vicinity of other parts or articles.

Management issues:

The grinding wheel machine should be responsible for, where the staff is not the unit to grind on the grinder objects, must be subject to the permission of the full-time person, and strictly abide by the safety procedures, strictly prohibited without the consent of the personnel, outsiders unauthorized use of grinding wheel machine. In addition, the replacement of the wheel should also be responsible for personnel, prohibit other people to replace, install grinding wheel.

Car shutdown problem:

After the operator stops working, the car should be shut down immediately. The grinding wheel machine is not allowed to be idle without any use and unmanned management. In addition, the use of the medium and short wave turbine should be kept clean.