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Notice Of Wheel Replacement Jul 31, 2017

Wear problem:

Any wheel has its certain wear and tear requirements, the wear condition to a certain extent must be replaced with new grinding wheel. Can not be used to save materials, wear and tear requirements, this is a very unsafe behavior. It is generally stipulated that the new grinding wheel should be replaced when the grinding wheel is worn to a diameter larger than 10mm.

Validity issue:

The new grinding wheel from the storeroom is not necessarily a qualified wheel, and even the new grinding wheel bought from the factory is not necessarily a qualified wheel. Any wheel has its certain effective period, in the effective period of use, it is a qualified grinding wheel; The procedure stipulates that "the grinding wheel shall be used in the period of validity, the resin and the rubber binder must be tested by rotation after one years, and the qualified person may use".

Texture problem:

In the use of the process, if the grinding wheel local cracks, should be immediately stopped use, replacement of new grinding wheel, so as not to cause the grinding wheel broken accidents.