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Matching Problem Of Grinding Wheel Jul 31, 2017

Matching problem is mainly refers to the installation of Chuck and wheel. According to the standard requirements, the grinding wheel chuck diameter must not be less than 1/3 of the diameter of the installed sand plate, and the corresponding provisions of the wheel wear to diameter than the diameter of the card plate 10mm should replace the new grinding wheel.

In this way there is a matching problem between chuck and grinding wheel, otherwise, the "Big horse cart" causes the waste of equipment and materials, "small horse cart" does not meet the safety requirements, easy to cause personal accident. Therefore, the reasonable matching between chuck and wheel can save equipment, cut about material, and meet safety operation requirement on the other hand. In addition, between the wheel and the Chuck should also be installed in diameter larger than the diameter of the chuck 2mm, thickness of 1mm~2mm cushion.