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Grinding Wheel Side Jul 31, 2017

In the daily use of grinding wheel machine, we can often find that some operators do not divide the type of grinding wheel machine, the type of wheel, the use of grinding wheel on the side of random grinding, which is a serious violation of the safety regulations of the operation. In accordance with the rules of the circular surface of the grinding wheel should not be used side grinding, the grinding wheel is a large radial strength, the axial strength is very small, the operator too much force will cause the grinding wheel broken, and even hurt people, in the actual use of the process should prohibit this behavior.

In the daily use, many operators are always accustomed to the grinding wheel operation, because this direction can be used strong, in fact, this behavior is the wheel machine operation should be particularly prohibited behavior. In accordance with the operating procedures, the use of grinding wheel grinding machine workpiece, the author should stand on the side of the wheel, not in the front of the wheel to operate, in order to avoid the grinding wheel failure, the grinding wheel flying out or grinding wheel broken flying out of harm.