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Considerations For The Installation Of Grinding Wheels Jul 31, 2017

nstallation of the first to the safety of the wheel to detect the quality of the method, with a velvet hammer (also can use a pen) to tap the side of the grinding wheel, sound crisp is no problem.

Location problem the location of the grinding wheel machine is the first question to be considered during the installation process, and we can do other work only if we choose a reasonable and suitable position.

Grinding Wheel machine is not installed in the vicinity of the equipment and operators or often people past the place, the general large workshop should be set up dedicated grinding wheel room. If you do not set up the special grinding wheel room due to the limitation of the terrain of the plant, it should be installed on the front of the grinder not less than 1.8m height of the protective bezel, and the bezel requires a firm and efficient.