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Wheel Storage and safety Aug 01, 2017

Handling and storage editing

1. Grinding wheel belongs to fragile items, handling must be handled with care, to prevent earthquake cracking and damage.

2. The wheel should be stored on the shelves or boxes to prevent dampness.

3. Resin Binder Grinding wheel is not suitable for contact with alkali substances, storage time of more than one years, must again undergo a rotational strength test, Qualified person can use.

Security Requirements Editing

1. The diameter of the wheel chuck shall not be less than one-third of the diameter of the mounted grinding wheel. The diameter of the grinding wheel chuck of the cutting wheel shall not be less than one-fourth of the diameter of the mounted grinding wheel.

2. Any form of wheel chuck, its left and right two parts diameter and the radial width of the pressure plane must be equal.

3. The surface of the wheel chuck should be smooth and without sharp edges, and the balance is good.

4. Grinding all rotating parts of machinery, such as: grinding wheel, motor, pulley and workpiece head, etc., must be installed protective cover. The protective cover should be firm, and its connection strength shall not be lower than the strength of the shield.