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vice white fused alumina Jan 12, 2018

Product Name: vice white fused alumina

Detailed Description:

ice White Fused Alumina,also named Grey Fused Alumina,Brown Corundum or Sub White Fused Alumina, is a electro fused corundum with color similar to Brown Fused Alumina but lighter, and chemical and physical specifications to White Fused Alumina(WA). 

It has a Aluminium Oxide(Al2O3) content of 97%min for most sizes which is close to WA. It’s invented by a Japanese company to replace White Fused Alumina for refractories at the time when WA was much more expensive than BFA. 

At this time, it is not very popular,but still some customers like it,mostly because of its higher content of Al2O3 and higher true gravity density than Brown Fused Alumina.

It is also produced out of high quality bauxite in electric arc furnaces in high temperature and has similar manufacturing to BFA.

Mostly used as a refractory mineral, 

Vice White Fused Alumina can be used for high quality refractory bricks, refractory mortars, refractory castable, refractory crucibles, gunning materials, lining materials,pre-casting materials etc. It has very good heat resistant and thermal stability characters.