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The use of grinding wheel Aug 01, 2017

1.Before the use of the grinding wheel should be inspected, depending on whether there is cracks or damage, and the wood hammer percussion wheel, the sound should be crisp. Before use, the rotary test shall be carried out according to the gb/t2493 standard stipulation, otherwise, it is strictly prohibited.

2. The spindle speed on the machine must be checked before installation, not exceeding the maximum working speed indicated on the wheel.

3. The fastening wheel only allows the use of special nut wrench, and must be in the opposite side of the spindle symmetrically in order to gradually tighten, nut tightness should be appropriate. No supplemental fixture or tapping tool is allowed.

Turn off coolant to avoid uneven grinding wheel.

5. The grinding wheel aperture and the grinding wheel spindle and the chuck's coordination should conform to the GB4674 standard stipulation.

6. The newly installed grinding wheel must be idling at the following times at the working speed in case of a protective cover:

The diameter of the 400 mm grinding wheel is not less than 2 minutes, the outside diameter ≥ 400 mm of the grinding wheel is not less than 5 minutes. When idling, the operator should not stand in front of the wheel or tangent direction.

7. The grinding wheel (for example, parallel grinding wheel) is not specially used to grind the end face of the grinding wheel, not the grinding wheel (such as bowl shape, cup wheel) which is specially used to grind the grinding wheel to avoid grinding the grinding wheel.

8. When grinding the workpiece, the grinding wheel is forbidden to push the workpiece by lever to increase the pressure on the grinding wheel.

9. For the thin grinding wheel and the cymbal-shaped grinding wheel, when cutting, such as force too hard, prone to the grinding wheel stop and turn jammed and smashed grinding wheel phenomenon, resulting in grinding wheel damage. When cutting a workpiece, it is not possible to stack multiple pieces of work to prevent accidents.