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The role of flaps Aug 01, 2017

1. Increase the area of the wing. The purpose of aircraft mounting flaps (flap) is to increase lift, including increased lift when take-off and increased lift deceleration when landing. Increasing the area of the wing can increase the air area of the aircraft and achieve the purpose of increasing lift.

2. Change the curvature of the wing. Changing the curvature of the wing allows the wing to change the angle of the wind, using the mechanics principle in the same strength of the wind, depending on the angle of the change from the wind to obtain greater power to facilitate landing or obtain a smaller force to accelerate the climb.

3。 increase the supply of a or several gaps in circulation. The increase in the gap allows the airflow below the wing to flow above the wing, speeding up the above pressure above the wind, allowing the aircraft to steadily gain more lift.