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The Importance of Dynamic and Static Balance of Diamond Grinding Wheel Jan 12, 2018

The Importance of Dynamic and Static Balance of Diamond Grinding Wheel

In the process of using diamond grinding wheel, we occasionally met a special case, such as the doublication between grinding wheel center and the axis of rotation, which is mainly because general grinding wheels larger than 125 mm in diameter need to be balanced.

The imbalanced diamond grinding wheel will cause vibration at high speed rotation, which will affect the machining quality and the precision of machine tools, even the equipment damage and fracture of grinding wheels.

The main reasons lie in uneven density of various grinding wheels parts, geometric shape asymmetry, installation eccentricity and so on. Therefore, diamond grinding wheels need to be balanced before installing, and the balance of grinding wheel includes dynamic balance and static balance.

Generally speaking, we just need static balance, but when for high speed grinding (more than 50 m/s) , it must be dynamic balance in advance. First we should install diamond wheel on the balance mandrel, and then leave it on the balanced guide rail, so grinding wheel will move back and forth, until the swing stops.

If diamond grinding wheel can not keep unbalanced, its heavier parts will always remain low. At that time, you can move the position of balance block to make it balance. And balanced grinding wheel will be checked before being installed on the machine tool spindle. If there is a crack on grinding wheel, it cannot be used.