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Surface spotted of grinding wheel Jul 31, 2017

Surface thread and spots

① Large Grinding Wheel passivation. To copy the wheel.

② Air hole grinding Wheel is blocked by nitrile powder on both sides and the thread line is the easiest.

③ Grinding wheel speed, the head speed is too small, and the transverse speed is too fast to thread line. The speed of the general wheel in 2000-2100 rpm, the head speed in 500 rpm will also make this phenomenon improved.

④ Clamp Roller Force too small, in the process of grinding cots slipping, cots surface prone to irregular spots.

3, plastic roller surface blister is mainly coarse grinding when the grinding volume is too large, manual speed too fast, when the rubber roller rotation slowed down. The effective method to solve the surface annular foaming is two times or several times coarse grinding or slow down the bed transverse velocity.

In addition, coarse mill selection of the air hole grinding wheel size is too small, such as the use of $number above the air hole grinding wheel, honed when the heat generated, resulting in cots inside the "burn" and the formation of a ring blister. Therefore, it is best to choose the 45#-60# air hole grinding wheel.