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Production process of grinding wheel Jul 31, 2017

The cause of uneven grinding wheel is mainly the geometrical dimension of the grinding wheel, uneven density of each part of the wheel and the installation of the eccentric core. The uneven grinding wheel will produce vibration when it is running at high speed, thus affecting the grinding quality.

The method of adjusting static balance.

Find out where the center of gravity of the wheel is at the bottom.

Make a mark B at the corresponding point on the same diameter of point A.

Add the balance block C to keep A and b two points unchanged.

Add the balance block D, E and still make a, B point position unchanged, if there is change can move up and down D, E. Make A, b two point back to the original position. At this point the wheel is balanced.

Rotate the wheel 90 degrees. If you are unbalanced, move D and E at the same time to a or B point until two points are balanced. This adjustment makes the grinding wheel stable in any direction. The wheel is balanced.

Considerations for adjusting Balance

The balance rack should be placed horizontally, especially vertically.

The wheel must be solid, flange block, balance block to wash.

The inner cone hole of the wheel flange and the balance mandrel should be close together and the mandrel should not be bent.

After the grinding wheel is balanced, the balance block is important.