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Problems on the surface of grinding wheel Jul 31, 2017

surface roughness too big

Surface roughness determines the quality of cots, cots surface roughness RA value generally in 0.5-0.8um between the appropriate, 75° above the cots, the RA value can be lowered to 0.2um; 65° and do not deal with cots due to COTS formula determines the RA value, too many times of honed will not make ra<0.5um. Rubber Roller Table rough through large (ra>0.8um), is generally the following reasons.

① Fine Grinding volume $number. 3mm

② the number of reciprocating times too little. Taking A802 Grinder As an example, the reciprocating times of 75°-80° cots should not be less than 2, and the reciprocating times of 65° and non treatment cots should not be less than 4.

③ Air hole grinding wheel outside the garden is sharp. The solution is to re-copy the grinding wheel until it reaches the requirements.

④ Air hole grinding wheel balance is not adjusted well. The grinding wheel has too much vibration. To rebalance the school.

There are different thickness of ⑤ air hole grinding wheel, and the distribution of stomata and abrasive grains is uneven. This kind of air hole grinding wheel is forbidden to use.