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PFERD introduces next generation of grinding wheels Jan 12, 2018

PFERD introduces next generation of grinding wheels

Leominster, Massachusetts – PFERD's CC-GRIND-SOLID can be used for surface grinding, weld removal, and all common grinding applications. It can remove twice as much material per minute compared with conventional grinding wheels.

CC-GRIND-SOLID also reduces dust emissions, noise, and vibration by 50%.

The CC-GRIND-SOLID is flexible, which creates a large surface contact area for reduced risk of gouging the workpiece.

New for 2015, the CC-GRIND-SOLID for steel is available for 4" and 6" angle grinders. It is also available for steel or stainless in 4-1/2", 5", and 7". A 5/8-11 quick-change hub is available.

PFERD Inc. and PFERD Canada Inc. are North American subsidiaries of August Rggeberg GmbH & Co. of Marienheide, Germany, a manufacturer of files, abrasive products, cutting tools, brushes, and power tools.