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Performance and microstructure of Al-based grinding wheel Jan 12, 2018

Performance and microstructure of Al-based grinding wheel

Wang Shuangxi1,2, Liu Xuejing2, Niu Shichao1, Geng Biao2

(1.South China Institute of Precision Manufacture, Foshan, 528000, China)

(2.Foshan Ditiantai Advanced Material Technology Co, Ltd, Foshan, 528000, China)

Abstract Diamond grinding wheel were prepared with Al-based bonding agent. The microstructure of Al-based diamond grinding wheel was observed by SEM. The fracture morphology, interface between bonding agent and diamond, and the elemental distribution in bonding agent were studied. The results showed that there were some Al-based agents retained on the diamond surface. Ti, Ni formed intermetallurgy phase with Al in the agent and reduced the plasticity of bonding agent. The service life of this Al-based diamond grinding wheel is proved by the grinding experiments to be three times as long as that of resin-bonded grinding wheel.