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Abrasive cutting disc White Fused Alumina Jan 12, 2018
Detailed Description:
black corundum alternate name lower aluminium corundum, in the electric arc furnace,the bauxite made by melting after an ash black crystalloid .it main ingredients is AL2O3.

Performance characteristics:
hard moderate
high toughness
high temperature resistant
thermal performance stable
bulk density 3.5g/cm3
density was highest use temperature is 1850 , melting point 2050 . The Mohs hardness is 9.

1 Free grinding, such as metal parts before plating bottom surface polishing.

2 Clock , motorcycle, bicycle, sewing machine.,

3 lighting, plastic and hardware tools,ect.polishing ,is also used for sand blast. (rust removal , glass spray flowers). 
4 Materials processing, manufacturing resin film cutting, angle grinding and coated abrasives. 
5 Producing black corundum sand and powder is especially suitable for stainless steel workpiece polishing and oilstone, grinding paste manufacturing. 
6 Black corundum sand is antiskid pavement material of choice